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Operatic Aria:  Congratulations to Kate Amos, Sam Sakker and Alexandra Ioan who shared equal first place and to Alexandra Flood in 3rd place. Also to Shanul Sharma for winning the Music Lovers Society encouragement award.
Primary Age Choir: 1st Mentone Girls Grammar School, 2nd Hillcrest Christian College, 3rd Berwick Primary School, HM Beaconhills JS Choir
Middle School Choir: 1st Beaconhills Berwick MS Choir, 2nd St Margaret's School, 3rd Berwick Blokes, HM Sacred Heart Girls College, Hillcrest Christian College
Senior School Choir: 1st Nazareth College Vocal Group, 2nd Killester College Vocal Group, 3rd Killester College 'Swing Sisters'
Small Group Open Age: 1st Voiceworks, Equal 2nd Nazareth College Scholarship Group, Daughters of the King
Piano 9 & 10 Years: 1st Richard Liu, 2nd Melissa Wu, 3rd Clarisse Dinh, HM Renee Fan
Piano 8 Years and under: 1st Edward Song, 2nd Christian Lai, 3rd Carissa Khong, HM Alexander Yip, Allan Tang, Emily Wu, Emily Yip, Michael Wesley & Tiffany Nguyen
Piano Currently Studying Preliminary Grade: 1st Jessica Yip, 2nd Jenny Liang, 3rd Ruth Wong, HM Michael Wang & Timothy Shi
Piano Currently Studying Grades 1 or 2: 1st Jenny Xia, 2nd Noa Zlatsin, 3rd Sandy Li, HM Darcy Hetherington & Kylie Cheah
Piano Concerto 15 years and under: 1st Oscar Jiang, 2nd Jenny Chen, 3rd Vivian Chen.
The Fred McCubbin Piano Concerto Memorial Scholarship: 1st Kevin Chow, 2nd David Soo, 3rd Kathy Chow. Honorable Mention: Hannah Shin, Oscar Jiang.
Australian Composer Award: 1.Rahul Lobo, 2 Natasha Aulia, 3. Anne Sun. HM Hannah Ye and Michael Wesley
Open Piano: 1st Hannah Shin, 2nd Oscar Jiang, 3rd Arthur Athan. HM Stephen Tam.
Piano Contemporary Open: 1st Nathan Iuoras, 2nd Jeremy Freemantle
Piano 14 -16 Years: 1st Jenny Chen, 2nd Vivian Chen, 3rd Rita Lan, HM Stephen Tam & Hannah Li
Piano Chopin Award: Equal 1st Oscar Jiang & William Soo, Equal 3rd Julia Hastings & Hannah Shin. Honorable Mention Daniel Ye & Kane Chang.
Instrumental 14 years and under: 1st Spencer Lee, 2nd John Athan, 3rd Ben Neale.
Instrumental 18 years and under: 1st Brienne Gawler, 2nd Spencer Lee 3rd John Athan
Instrumental Contemporary 18 years and under: 1st John Athan
Instrumental Open Age: Stephanie Jackson, 2nd Spencer Lee, 3rd Brienne Gawler. Honorable Mention: John Athan, Ben Neale
Instrumental Concerto Open Age: 1st Stephanie Jackson, 2nd John Athan
Vocal Musical Theatre 14 & Under: 1st Phoebe Bengough, 2nd Grace Attard, 3rd Abbey Peterson. HM Natasha Fraser, Amber Chapman, Samantha Ryan
Light Opera / Musical Theatre Open: 1st Kate Amos, 2nd Alexandra Flood, 3rd Vincent Law. HM Claire Sanderson, Maeghan McKenzie
Classical Vocal Oratorio: 1st Alexandra Flood, 2nd Cailin Howarth, 3rd Tomas Manning Dalton, HM Helen Ling, Janneke Ferwerda & Vincent Law 
Classical Vocal 14 years & under: 1st Abbey Peterson, 2nd Christina Keen, 3rd Samantha Ryan, HM Grace Attard & Brodie O'Halloran
Classical Vocal 18 years & under: 1st Georgina Frazer, 2nd Catherine Butler, 3rd Claire Sanderson, HM Chloe Moyle
Classical Male Voice Open: 1st Vincent Law, 2nd Adam Bryce 
Sacred Song: 1st Vincent Law, 2nd Janneke Ferwerda, 3rd Catherine Buttler HM Amber-Lily Chapman
French Art Song: 1st Kate Amos, 2nd Alexandra Flood, 3rd Vincent Law, HM Janneke Ferwerda & Tomas Manning Dalton
Lieder: 1st Vincent Law, 2nd Tomas Manning Dalton, 3rd Michelle McCarthy, HM Kate Amos, Alexandra Flood & Sophie Burns
English Art Song: 1st Kate Amos, 2nd Tomas Manning Dalton, 3rd Vincent Law, HM Prudence Hare, Alexandra Flood, Cailin Howarth & Michelle McCarthy. 
Musical Theatre Contemporary: 1st Jessica Ridler, 2nd Alex Mcinnes, 3rd Sophie Bengough, HM Katerina Grace
Vocal Contemporary/Popular Open: 1st Imogen Spendlove, 2nd Jessica Ridler, 3rd Rachel Broadbent, HM Emily Charles & Maeghan McKenzie
Vocal Contemporary Currently Studying VCE: 1st Jessica Ridler, 2nd Daniel Madhanayake, 3rd Katerina Grace, HM Jemimah Panopio
Vocal Contemporary/Popular 16 and under: 1st Imogen Spendlove, 2nd Amber-Lily Chapman, 3rd Lucy Roxburgh, HM Phoebe Bengough, Christina Keen & Brodie O'Halloran
Piano 11-13 years: 1st Renee Yip, 2nd Clare Juan, 3rd Eric Su HM Yvonne Au, Ben Neale, Lucy Tang and Daniel Ye
Piano duet Open Age: 1st Norma Johnston and Lynne Natarelli, 2nd Anoushka and Rajat Lal
Piano Duet 18 and under: 1st, Natasha Aulia and Anne Sun.
Piano Duet 14 and under: 1st Jessica and Jocelyn Satya Graha, Equal 2nd Darcy Hetherington and Aiyah Agag and Rebecca Freemantle and Sienna Wynne Yorke
Piano Duet 10 years and under: 1st Michael Wesley and Steve Alexander, 2nd Tiana Magnussen and Amy Neal
Piano currently studying Grade 5 & 6: 1st Eric Su, 2nd Edward Song, 3rd Corina Deng, HM Emily Gittins, Grace Yip and Renee Fan
Piano Studying Grade 7 or 8: 1st Suzy Zong, 2nd Andrew Zeng, 3rd Daena Deng, HM Martin Dinh, Jeremy Freemantle and Maayan Zlatsin
Piano Recital Championship: 1st Margaret Kong, 2nd Kevin Chow, Equal 3rd David Soo, Julia Hastings and Kathy Chow, HM Nina Ding
Strings 8 & under: 1st Jamie Miles, Equal 2nd Emily Wu & Jasmine Rong
Strings currently studying Grades 1 or 2: 1st Jacinta Dinh, 2nd Jamie Miles, 3rd Sienna Wynne -Yorke, HM Jasmine Rong & Jessica Leong
Strings 12 & under: 1st Venus Yu, 2nd Ji Woo Yoon, 3rd Elysia Lelon, HM Ben Neale
Strings currently studying grades 3 or 4: 1st Lawrence Dinh, 2nd Emily Gittins, 3rd Clarisse Dinh, HM Emily Opris & Jamie Miles.
Strings currently studying grades 7 or 8: 1st Charlotte Miles, 2nd Isabel Nakonieczny, 3rd Bob Davis, HM Irene Jong & Lydia Skabar
Strings 18 & under: 1st Jacinta Ryan, 2nd Mabel Chong, 3rd Charlotte Miles, HM Kieren Pinto
Strings currently studying at Diploma level: 1st Jackie Wong, Equal 2nd Jacinta Ryan & Mabel Chong, HM Venus Yu
Strings Open Age: 1st Kieren Pinto, 2nd Mabel Chong, 3rd Venus Yu, HM Joyee Koay

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