General Rules


1. All entrants must be amateurs. i.e: the primary income is not gained from concert performances.

2. All entries close at midnight on Friday 24th March

3. No entry fee will be refunded.

4. Age of entrant on April 1, in the year of competition shall be deemed his or her age; and if asked for, satisfactory evidence of age must be produced at own expense.

5. No person who has been individually taught or coached by an Adjudicator of any section of the present festival during the four months preceding the opening date of the festival shall be eligible to enter in that section.

6. The Committee reserves the right to amend or refuse an entry, and to cancel any section in which, in its opinion, there is insufficient number of entries. This may also apply to sections with finals, where insufficient numbers appear in the heats. Some events may be run as a workshop.

7. Entrants must register no later than 20 minutes before the commencement of a section, otherwise they will be disqualified.


8. Previous winners are permitted to enter sections they have won.

9. Unless otherwise specified, performers are only permitted to play one piece only. Works are not required to be named when entering but will be required when registering on the day of your event.   No entrant may present the same piece in more than one section. Different movements of the same work my be presented in different sections. 

10. Performers are asked to observe time limits, copyright laws and conditions.

11. Performers who play over the time limit must be aware that any part of the performance after the allowable time limit will not be adjudicated. The performer will be permitted to complete their performance providing it is within a reasonable time frame.

12. Performers are required to appear in the order shown in the programme.

13. Please dress appropriately for a concert performance and bow to acknowledge the audience.

14. Entrants taking part in a section running concurrently with another in which he or she has entered will be accommodated to enable the entrant to take part in both.

15. Entrants in any section not answering when called upon may forfeit their right to take part in that section, subject to a right of appeal to the Committee which may, if it sees fit, allow the defaulter to take part.

16. Music is to be collected at the completion of each section.

17. Please ensure bars are numbered on music for adjudicator.


18. Video-recording is prohibited. A silent camera with the flash off may be used to photograph your child only. You may not photograph other children. (Child Protection Act 2008)

19. No prompting or assistance of any kind will be allowed.

20. Audience to remain seated and silent during each piece.

21. No teacher, except in the capacity of an accompanist or conductor, shall be allowed on stage. An exception to this is the non-competitive beginner piano section.

22. Conductors and accompanists will be admitted free; otherwise there is no free list.

23. Entrants may have their own accompanists.


24. Entrants are responsible for adherence to the Copyright laws.

25. Entrants must use the ORIGINAL music or an AUTHORISED copy. (The authorised  copy must be identifiable as such.) ALL entrants, including those performing from memory, must show the ORIGINAL copy or the AUTHORISED COPY at the Registration Desk. 

26. When playing from memory; please supply the original music for the adjudicator.  Entrants in Contemporary Vocal and the Non Competitive sections are NOT required to provide print music for the adjudicator. 

27. When playing from the music; please photocopy the original for the adjudicator. The photocopy must be attached to a Form Number Two from AMCOS, found online here: This copy will be destroyed by the festival according to the copyright laws after your performance. If you have a second original, then there is no need for the photocopy as you should provide this to the adjudicator.

28. Unauthorised copies may NOT be used for performing.

29. No photocopying facilities are available at festival venues.


30. The Committee reserves the right to appoint a substitute Adjudicator for an announced Adjudicator, and to divide any section for adjudication.

31. Any approach to an adjudicator by an entrant or the parent, teacher or friend of an entrant during the festival is absolutely forbidden.

32. The Adjudicator shall have the power to divide awards and award certificates or, if a satisfactory standard is not attained, to reduce or withdraw the awards and certificates, and his/her decision shall be final.

33. The Adjudicator’s decision shall in all cases be final.

34. Any protest against a decision must be made in writing within one hour of adjudication and be accompanied by a fee of $20 which be forfeited if the protest is deemed frivolous.


35. SEAF are no longer going to cover the entire cost of the official accompanists and are asking performers for a small contribution. You will be asked when registering on the day of your events for payment. 

  • Fee for events 14 years and under as well as up to Currently studying Gds 5&6 is $7 per section
  • Fee for events 15 years and over as well as Currently studying Gde 7 & 8 and above is $10 per section

36. Rehearsals with an official accompanist are at the competitor’s expense.

37. An accompanist may decline to assist any entrant who has not given the required notice of two weeks.

38. Original music must be provided on the day of the section but a temporary copy may be made for the accompanist. The copy will be returned to the soloist at the conclusion of the section and must be destroyed.

39. In line with VCE and other examination systems electronic backing tracks will be permitted for the Contemporary Vocal Sections. A microphone on a stand will be provided for singers and it's use is encouraged especially for those using backing tracks. 

40. In 2017 there will be an official accompanist provided for the Contemporary Vocal Sections. Eletronic backings are also allowed. Please bring a media device with a headphone jack. SEAF will profide the appropriate amplification. 

41. The Classical vocal sections, musical theatre 10, 12 and 14 years and under as well as the Open musical theatre/light opera sections all require the use of an accompanist. No backing tracks will be allowed.


42. The SEAF Committee reserves the right to amend the programme at any time, and to alter any of these rules and conditions without notice.

43. Failure to comply with any of the foregoing rules may involve disqualification and withholding of awards.

44. The decision of the committee in all questions and disputes shall be deemed final.

45. The Committee may arrange a concert at the conclusion of the Festival at which any winner may be invited to take part

46. Nossal High School have provided the use of their facilities at minimal cost to the festival. We thank them for their generosity and ask that you assist the festival committee and other volunteers by keeping the venue clean and tidy. Please take your rubbish home

47. Entrants participate at their own risk

48. SEAF is run by volunteers and any rudeness, disrespect or bullying by parents or entrants to representatives of the association or adjudicators will result in immediate disqualification.

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