Due to circumstances beyond our control, the South Eastern Arts Festival will not be running at its usual time this year. We are working on a number of alternative events for later in the year. We apologise for any inconvenience.  

The Festival

SEAF run both Competitive and Non competitive sections.While the competitive sections are run along the lines of many other Eisteddfod style events the non-competitive sections are a feature of the Festival.  

Non Competitive Sections are informal concerts and workshops with the audience encouraged to give all performers as much support as possible. In the very early years of learning this may be a students first performance opportunity in a larger venue or for pianist playing on a grand piano. Each performer receives verbal comments and a certificate of participation but no prizes or places are awarded.

These workshops are ideal for students who have just begun their musical journey, may be inexperienced performers or for those who love to perform but don’t like the idea of a competition. Our goal is to have as many people perform as possible in a safe and encouraging environment inspiring others to participate in coming years.

We leave it to the discretion of the teacher as to which workshop would be most appropriate for each student.

For the younger, less experienced performers there is someone to adjust the chair height, help with footstools, finding keys and where music goes. Teachers are more than welcome to assist with this if it gives their students more confidence. We want young performers to love the experience and come back to play again. 

Why not encourage your students to take up this unique opportunity!

Getting to Nossal High School

About SEAF

The South Eastern Arts Festival Inc traces it's roots back to the Dandenong Festival of Music and Art for Youth. The 'Dandenong Eisteddfod' launched the careers of many professional musicians and performers who went on to appear both locally and abroad.
Now in its eighth year, SEAF carries on that tradition providing young musicians an opportunity to perform before receptive and enthusiastic audiences, while also giving them the benefits of receiving constructive, positive feedback from some of Australia's finest musicians.
The association is run by a team of dedicated volunteers. With over 70 events and 500 entrants the festival presents one of the best performance opportunities in South Eastern Victoria.

What the Adjudicators are saying.

All in all, this is a festival that is quickly becoming one of the "must-do" events in the Melbourne music calendar.

Rob Wagner

The work of the Festival provides an invaluable stimulus for the harnessing and promotion of creativity in the young...

Elizabeth Mitchell

The overall standard of the performers was outstanding, with some playing at a level heard internationally.

Kristian Chong

The South Eastern Arts Festival is a celebration of youthful creative effort and commitment. The standard of performance is outstanding.

Jody Heald

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